Monday, November 5, 2007

Razor's Edge: A Review of Battlestar Galactica Razor

Arguably the best prime time drama on television is releasing a full length feature movie, which will be running on SCiFi. Don't ask how, but I recently got to see the Battlestar Galactica Movie, Razor. Without spoiling anything I explain the plot. The movie is set when Lee Adama begins the first mission during his command on the Battlestar Pegasus. Through a series of flashbacks from his XO we learn the story of Admiral Cain's ordeal when the Cylons attackted the colonial fleet. All of the things that were mentioned during the middle of season 2 are played out. There is also an Adama flashback from the end of the first cylon war. Some familiar faces pop up and it sets up some things for season four which dreadfully doesn't begin until April. It's the Sopranos all over again, we have been waiting since March for season four. time for the Spoilers....I'll blacken them so you can scroll over them if you want to.

  • The original Cylon Centurion model from the 70's episode makes an appearance in this movie.
  • The destruction of human cylon hybrid ship is the mission the Lee and Starbuck end up taking. Lee's XO Kendra Shaw leads the away team.
  • Kendra Shaw is able to witness the human cylon hybrid give a prophesy for season four; Starbuck is a harbinger of the obliteration of the human race and that when the time comesthey should not follow her. She mentioned in the season three finale that she has seen Earth and could take them there, hmm. Sadly Shaw is jammed by Cylon interference and cannot relay the message.
I compare this movie to The Other 48 Days from LOST and the flashback episodes of Heroes. There is something to getting a complete story and this movie is just what BSG fans needed. One as a way to get a fix of some new BSG awesomeness, and two for the plot holes that went underdeveloped during season two. The dvd version of Razor will be released after it actually comes on TV in an unrated and extended edition. I for one cannot wait to see it.

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