Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vaughan on the Future of LOST and the WGA Strike

One of my comic book idols, Brian K. Vaughan weighed in on the WGA strike on his blog. He currently is wrapping up work on his (and I do mean this) masterpiece Y: The Last Man, and is contributing to Joss Whedon's baby Buffy Season 8. When he's not doing impressive work in comics he writes for TV and movies. He joined the writing staff on LOST and co-wrote the episode Catch-22 where Desmond's gift of foresight clashes with his morals; it was also the lead-up to the final arc of the season with the introduction of the mysterious Naomi. Now he's been named a c0-producer of the show and he says that he thinks this fourth season will be the best so far. The problem is that the show has only made it through seven or eight scripts of a sixteen episode season. People on news sites have been speculating that if the WGA strike doesn't end soon, then the season may be cut's already happened to Heroes and 24 has decided to postpone their seventh season premiere because they want the entire show to run with no repeats...that's the main reason why LOST has been shortened to sixteen episodes instead of twenty-two or twenty-four. Read his take on the strike at BKV.TV.

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