Friday, November 9, 2007

My Weekend Crush

I almost didn't recognize my crush for this weekend until I was writing a review for the most recent episode of Life. My crush is Christina Hendricks. I barely recognized her, but her fire red hair was the key characteristic that drew me to her. She has been in a few episodes of Life and Mad Men, but how I finally recognized her was as Mrs. Saffron Reynolds from Firefly. She played the rather buxom con-artist who married Mal on Firefly and conned him out of his space craft and his clothes. Mad Men is set in 1960s and Christina's full figure was ideal for the role of senior secretary of the advertising agency where the series is set. And, understandably back in the day had no intention of fucking a box kite, why the have the inclination to do so now escapes me.

Other people like the ladies @ Go Fug Yourself have critiqued the second photo of her and I have to agree, this is an instance where the outfit, and voluptuousness that this gorgeous firecracker has are subordinated by the horrible hooker make-up job. Next time be a little more conservative with the eyeliner and mascara.

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