Friday, November 2, 2007

My Weekend Crush

My weekend crush for this week is Kaley Cuoco from CBS' new sitcom The Big Bang Theory. A show which has out shined many other new shows this season, doing consistently well after How I Met Your Mother and as a lead in to Two & A Half Men. I enjoy the show; there's something so appealing about this brand of 'nerd' humor. The idea is simple enough; two supersmart but supernerdy super-socially awkward scientists, Leonard and Sheldon, get a superhot superditzy next door neighbor named Penny. The humor comes from the polar opposites created by them...hilarity ensues on a regular basis. (How couldn't it when you're talking about String Theory and the Doppler Effect to a girl who works a The Cheesecake Factory?)
But what do you care? (You're here for the goods.) Fine...enjoy

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  1. Here are some great interviews with Kaley from this week. Great stuff. See here :