Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joss Whedon is Returning to Fox (and I'm Cleaning Out My Shorts)

Rejoice and be glad!!!! Yes it's true, true believers and brown-coats. Joss Whedon has a new show coming to perennial show canceler, FOX, called Dollhouse. Oh, and did you know the lead is Eliza Dushku? I am crying tears of joy (Eliza Dushku is incredibly gorgeous, for one)... Fox has already committed to 7 episodes. It's also being done with help from Tim Minear...for those playing the home game, he was apart of Angel, Firefly, and the doomed Fox show Drive (which I must say was canceled prematurely...but thats just me.) Don't believe it... here's the E! Online news story as proof.
If that doesn't get you hyped for what may be, I don't know what the fucks wrong with you...IT'S JOSS WHEDON! He's the fucking man! He is up there as it goes for creative talent...Kevin Smith, Quentin, Whedon. He is a god amongst us mere mortals.
I guess this is the reason why Whedon's taking his sweet time with the writing of Runaways...I can wait for a while with this news. I hope Fox listens to me as I say this...give this show a chance. Don't write it off. You wrote of Firefly, it made a shitload of money in DVD sales, then became a movie (a movie that was produced by Universal...instead of 20th Century Fox.) You obviously know what Joss and Tim are capable of; they produced two of the most watched series still in syndication and one of the biggest cult following of our time...maybe they're doing something right. I for one, cannot wait for this show...fuck 24, give me Dollhouse.

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