Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to Not Fade Away

For those utterly heartbroken when news broke that Angel would be ending after it's fifth season, fear not. Brian Lynch and IDW comics is releasing the first canonical addition to the Angel story with the new Angel: After The Fall comic. Like Dark Horses Buffy Season 8, this is what creator Joss Whedon would have shown us if the series had go into it's sixth season in a 12 issue (maxi)mini-series.
For those who may have missed it, or for those of you who really enjoy nostalgia, the series ended on a very big FUCK YOU cliffhanger. The team had decided to bring down the members of a demonic society, Circle of the Black Thorn, that was the driving force behind the apocalypse; this being the war between good and evil that has been going on behind the scenes shaping the events for the latter part of the last millennium (the machine ran by the senior partners at Wolfram and Hart; the Wolf. Ram and Hart). The surviving members met in the alley behind the Hyperion Hotel, a main location through most of the series, making that there last stand. The ending can be taken in an optimistic or pessimistic light, seeing as the fight could go either way.
  • Spike and Angel converse right be for the credits about the plan of attack as hordes of evil descend upon the four survivors. Angel says they fight, Spike asks him to be specific. Angel says he wants to slay the dragon soaring overhead. One can take this as a sense that Angel is optimistic, and him being the champion warrior, like a brave and noble knight (even though he is a vampire) he wants to slay the dragon which in medieval lore stood for evil.
  • Illyria, a demon-god placed in the mortal body of Winifred Burkle, notices that Charles Gunn is bleeding from his abdomen. She responds that he is fading and will last 10 minutes at best. Spike mentions when Illyria asks to do more violence, that wishes just happen to be horses that night...a shot of the horde of demons charging down the alley is one that doesn't really inspire hope, Demons of all sizes, include huge orges are charging on them. The final shot is of them standing right as Angel's sword strikes another blade.
Now, with Brian Lynch at the helm and Joss Whedon as his Obi Wan we will find out what the future holds for Angel and whats left og the gang we've all grown to love. I've heard some rumors, one that Charles Gunn will have been turned into a vampire to help aid in the battle and will become a central villain, I've also heard rumors of a return from Harmony and Gwen, who appeared in a few episodes of season 4 and I've also heard that Connor will return as well. I cannot wait till November 21.

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