Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sensitivity Training on Rescue Me

I was going through my old Rescue Me episodes and I almost forgot about this scene. If you shy away from racism... you may find this offensive, I find it hilarious...Enjoy

Monday, November 26, 2007

Biggest Badasses Alive: Hugh Grant

I just noticed a recurring trend, none of the biggest badasses alive aren't from America. Could it be because many of us Americans are lazy blithering idiots...possibly. Well, I picked Hugh Grant because he showed off his vocal abilities in Music and Lyrics. I've been singing one form or another since I was a little kid, and I respect people who have talent; I'm giving credit where it's due. Some people like Hugh Grant don't realize they have talent until someone gets it out of them. With the help of a vocal coach, Hugh Grant made a great song out of Way Back Into Love. I normally do not enjoy romantic comedies, but I love British sensibilities in American films; and Music and Lyrics was surprisingly good.

The Second Coming

This is what all of the clues have been leading up to...the second coming of Y2J, Chris Jericho.

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Weekend Crush

It's been a week, and I've kinda been off the grid because of my Thanksgiving vacation. My laptop is on the fritz, so I had to wait til I came back to the university so I can use my desktop. But, I'm BACK!!! And, to celebrate my return, here's my weekend crush. Mary Elizabeth Winstead most recently starred in Live Free or Die Hard playing John McClanes' estranged daughter, Lucy McClane. She also played a scream queen in Final Destination 3 and Black Christmas and played a teenage super-villain in Sky High. Enjoy

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Weekend Crush

I had a tough decision for this weekend, but I decided on Kristen Bell. She was great on Veronica Mars and such a delight on Heroes playing a very socially awkward crazy girl with the ability to shoot lightning from her fingertips. Some may ask why I didn't choose Hayden Pan(I won't even attempt to finish her last name) eh...Claire seeing how she is sooo hot. While I know she's a real looker I also realized that she was underage for most of the pictures that she's in... Ever since R. Kelly's piss-on-you scandal with little girls, I have not been one to stop and stare at the underaged...On that note, here's Kristen Bell (who's in her late twenties.) Wow, what a looker...easy, sailor.

The Departed 2

Another video from the people at rANDOM aCTS.


Think Fast's POWERTHIRST!!!!

Get the thirst-quencher, don't gamble on your energy....get POWERTHIRST!!!!

And now POWERTHIRST comes in a ROCKET CAN!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloc Party Versus Kaiju Big Battle

Indie sensations clash when Bloc Party features the creatures of Kaiju Big Battle in their new music video Flux. What is Kaiju Big Battle...only the greatest thing to come since the wheel. Actually Kaiju Big Battle is an underground wrestling gig with people wrestling dressed like giant monsters and the wrestling ring is the giant city being demolished. Enjoy some Flux, at the same time...enjoy some Kaiju Big Battle (HERE'S A BIG FUCK YOU OUT TO YOU, DR. CUBE!!!).

Give Me One Reason: Chain Mail

It's been something that's been bothering me since I've joined this generation of Facebooks and myspaces. Give me one good reason for these stupid chain mail messages. Seriously, I got one that said if I didn't resend the message to ten of my friends someone would rape my dog. As soon as I saw that my gears came to a screeching halt. They want me to be an incredibly large douche and send other people annoying random shit, or they'll perform lewd acts of bestiality on my tiny maltese. Not that I don't fear tiny doggie rape, but I feel like that's a bit of an idle threat. It may be years before my time, but my dad told me about this cover of National Lampoon magazine and I had to include it in this rant. It's like the way porn used to be; they lull you into a false sense of security with a tame and enticing subject heading: Guess What or You won't believe this... It's really fucking annoying because as soon as you open the message you get this "blood curdling" message like SEND THIS TO SEVEN PEOPLE IN THE NEXT HOUR OR YOU WILL BE BARREN/IMPOTENT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! No thanks, I would rather stick my finger in my bum, but thanks for the offer.

Patton Oswalt had a bit about porn emails with random subject headings that make you think it's genuine and then ASSHOLES WITH ARMS IN THEM!!! or ELBOW DEEP IN ASIAN TEEN!! This is the same thing, without the graphic, picture-painting language. I could go on, but I wouldn't want to hurt the feelings of one of my friends who may be reading this.

AotS: Profiles in Justice: The Wonder Twins

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

07.XI/MIII Can Your Break The Code?

X+1+Y; J=9+1; save.usX29; saveus.Y29; BREAK_THE_WALLS...Can You Break The Code, The Answer is the Code 11-19-2007.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Biggest Badasses Alive: The Writers

I have to say, this whole week has been really interesting. I find it really funny what some people are saying about the writers; or when they realized just how much television relied on the writers. So, I felt it only fair that they got their credit where it's due. Writers Strike 101 I love how sweeps has fallen right around the same time when the writers strike. They now have no more material, post-sweeps. Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy mentioned that there was only one finished episode before the strike and that his job as series writer came before his role as voice talent (He voices Brian, Stewie, Peter and Quagmire.) I only hope they can come to some sort of agreement television watching is gonna become FUBAR and if that happens, I'll be very pissy.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Weekend Crush

I almost didn't recognize my crush for this weekend until I was writing a review for the most recent episode of Life. My crush is Christina Hendricks. I barely recognized her, but her fire red hair was the key characteristic that drew me to her. She has been in a few episodes of Life and Mad Men, but how I finally recognized her was as Mrs. Saffron Reynolds from Firefly. She played the rather buxom con-artist who married Mal on Firefly and conned him out of his space craft and his clothes. Mad Men is set in 1960s and Christina's full figure was ideal for the role of senior secretary of the advertising agency where the series is set. And, understandably back in the day had no intention of fucking a box kite, why the have the inclination to do so now escapes me.

Other people like the ladies @ Go Fug Yourself have critiqued the second photo of her and I have to agree, this is an instance where the outfit, and voluptuousness that this gorgeous firecracker has are subordinated by the horrible hooker make-up job. Next time be a little more conservative with the eyeliner and mascara.

Things I'm Reading This Weekend: 11/9

There are three things that I'm gonna start reading this weekend, in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing. I am starting a 12-page paper about consciousness and I'm connecting it to Battlestar Galactica. I'm gonna need all of my creative faculties to make the connections between consciousness and cylons. So I've picked three books to read before the end of the weekend.

Green Lantern: Rebirth & No Fear are two graphic novels that Geoff Johns wrote where he made the triumphant return of Hal Jordan...The greatest Green Lantern, EVERY. For those of you reading the Sinestro Corps. War right now, you recognize Johns' epic style. If you've seen Dexter on Showtime and the idea of a serial killer who only kills bad people, then you will enjoy the original novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The first season of Dexter shadows the tone of the book so well. I love Jeff Lindsay's truly is a macabre spectacle. And, last, the penultimate issue of Brian K. Vaughan's masterpiece epic Y: The Last Man, issue 59. We find out some of the character's motives and I must say, I've already read it, and it made me cry. I have to read it again. In a series like this, were there has been so much action throughout, the fact that it's just ending with a makes it all the more powerful. I cannot wait to see how the story of the last male on earth concludes when the final issue comes out in January.
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth & No Fear By: Geoff Johns
  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter By: Jeff Lindsay
  • Y: The Last Man By: Brian K. Vaughan

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vaughan on the Future of LOST and the WGA Strike

One of my comic book idols, Brian K. Vaughan weighed in on the WGA strike on his blog. He currently is wrapping up work on his (and I do mean this) masterpiece Y: The Last Man, and is contributing to Joss Whedon's baby Buffy Season 8. When he's not doing impressive work in comics he writes for TV and movies. He joined the writing staff on LOST and co-wrote the episode Catch-22 where Desmond's gift of foresight clashes with his morals; it was also the lead-up to the final arc of the season with the introduction of the mysterious Naomi. Now he's been named a c0-producer of the show and he says that he thinks this fourth season will be the best so far. The problem is that the show has only made it through seven or eight scripts of a sixteen episode season. People on news sites have been speculating that if the WGA strike doesn't end soon, then the season may be cut's already happened to Heroes and 24 has decided to postpone their seventh season premiere because they want the entire show to run with no repeats...that's the main reason why LOST has been shortened to sixteen episodes instead of twenty-two or twenty-four. Read his take on the strike at BKV.TV.

Give Me One Reason: Celebrity Child Names

Okay, going in the fashion of Peter Griffin on Family Guy and his whole grind my gears segment on the news, I've decided to add a little rant to my blog. Okay, give me one good reason to fuck up your kid's futures by giving them some weird goddamned name...DON'T WORRY, I'll wait. Fuck you if you think a name like Chastity, Courvoisier, or Destiny makes them distinguished. A name like Hayden is not real... There is a list on the internet of the 50 craziest Celebrity Child Names, I'm sticking with them because they have the ability to influence other people into naming their kids fucked up names. Here are a couple:
  • Pilot Inspektor (I shit you not): Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf
  • Audio Science: Shannyn Sossamon
  • Kal-El Coppola (Possibly my favorite): Nicholas Cage (Kal-El is Superman’s original birth name)
  • Seven Sirius: Andre Benjamin and Erykah Badu
  • Satchel (Hey Satchel, give me a HBJ...hand bag job): Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee
  • Kyd (They named their Kid...kyd): David Duchovny and Tea Leoni

What ever happened to names like Eddie,Vincent, Clint, or Jeff (or Geoff)...I know kids can be cruel...naming your kid Moon Unit, Dweezlil or Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen is making them cannon fodder and I'm quite sure a name like Pilot Inspektor is gonna get you beat up and your lunchmoney stolen....(Can you name the artist whose kids I just mentioned? I'll give you a hint: his first name isn't fucked up, but his last name's another hint: Joe's Garage.) Answer: Frank Zappa

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to Not Fade Away

For those utterly heartbroken when news broke that Angel would be ending after it's fifth season, fear not. Brian Lynch and IDW comics is releasing the first canonical addition to the Angel story with the new Angel: After The Fall comic. Like Dark Horses Buffy Season 8, this is what creator Joss Whedon would have shown us if the series had go into it's sixth season in a 12 issue (maxi)mini-series.
For those who may have missed it, or for those of you who really enjoy nostalgia, the series ended on a very big FUCK YOU cliffhanger. The team had decided to bring down the members of a demonic society, Circle of the Black Thorn, that was the driving force behind the apocalypse; this being the war between good and evil that has been going on behind the scenes shaping the events for the latter part of the last millennium (the machine ran by the senior partners at Wolfram and Hart; the Wolf. Ram and Hart). The surviving members met in the alley behind the Hyperion Hotel, a main location through most of the series, making that there last stand. The ending can be taken in an optimistic or pessimistic light, seeing as the fight could go either way.
  • Spike and Angel converse right be for the credits about the plan of attack as hordes of evil descend upon the four survivors. Angel says they fight, Spike asks him to be specific. Angel says he wants to slay the dragon soaring overhead. One can take this as a sense that Angel is optimistic, and him being the champion warrior, like a brave and noble knight (even though he is a vampire) he wants to slay the dragon which in medieval lore stood for evil.
  • Illyria, a demon-god placed in the mortal body of Winifred Burkle, notices that Charles Gunn is bleeding from his abdomen. She responds that he is fading and will last 10 minutes at best. Spike mentions when Illyria asks to do more violence, that wishes just happen to be horses that night...a shot of the horde of demons charging down the alley is one that doesn't really inspire hope, Demons of all sizes, include huge orges are charging on them. The final shot is of them standing right as Angel's sword strikes another blade.
Now, with Brian Lynch at the helm and Joss Whedon as his Obi Wan we will find out what the future holds for Angel and whats left og the gang we've all grown to love. I've heard some rumors, one that Charles Gunn will have been turned into a vampire to help aid in the battle and will become a central villain, I've also heard rumors of a return from Harmony and Gwen, who appeared in a few episodes of season 4 and I've also heard that Connor will return as well. I cannot wait till November 21.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Writers Strike and We Reap the Whirlwind

Well, the WGA and AMPTP couldn't come to some sort of agreement and the strike has begun...and now we're going to suffer. G4 bloggers have given us a list of solutions to the writer's strike. Personally I'm watching episodes of Top Gear, and old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, not to mention CKY and Jackass the Box Set.

Steve Johnson (Consigliore, TheFeed): I suggest you watch every episode of The Onion’s Onion News Network videos. Also, check out the movie Fantastic Planet. It’s ultra-mega-rad, it was made in the 1970s and it’s French.

Watch any clip on youtube entitled “asdf.” They’re all good.

While you're over at youtube, check out the closing sequence to The Last American Virgin. MDalonzo and I think it may be the funniest minute and a half ever committed to film.

EMorton (King of Sodom, TheFeed): Monk – It’s a TV show about an obsessive compulsive detective.Sniffing Glue- it’ll never get old, but it will destroy your brain, which is the same as watching TV anyway. Adultery- Does this need an explanation?

Frank Meyer (Bastard, TheFeed): I say you only watch Freestyle 101 () and Videogame Theater. Why? Because I made them and they are rad! That’s why!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Can You Break the Code

The Answer it the Code

The Code is the Answer

Razor's Edge: A Review of Battlestar Galactica Razor

Arguably the best prime time drama on television is releasing a full length feature movie, which will be running on SCiFi. Don't ask how, but I recently got to see the Battlestar Galactica Movie, Razor. Without spoiling anything I explain the plot. The movie is set when Lee Adama begins the first mission during his command on the Battlestar Pegasus. Through a series of flashbacks from his XO we learn the story of Admiral Cain's ordeal when the Cylons attackted the colonial fleet. All of the things that were mentioned during the middle of season 2 are played out. There is also an Adama flashback from the end of the first cylon war. Some familiar faces pop up and it sets up some things for season four which dreadfully doesn't begin until April. It's the Sopranos all over again, we have been waiting since March for season four. time for the Spoilers....I'll blacken them so you can scroll over them if you want to.

  • The original Cylon Centurion model from the 70's episode makes an appearance in this movie.
  • The destruction of human cylon hybrid ship is the mission the Lee and Starbuck end up taking. Lee's XO Kendra Shaw leads the away team.
  • Kendra Shaw is able to witness the human cylon hybrid give a prophesy for season four; Starbuck is a harbinger of the obliteration of the human race and that when the time comesthey should not follow her. She mentioned in the season three finale that she has seen Earth and could take them there, hmm. Sadly Shaw is jammed by Cylon interference and cannot relay the message.
I compare this movie to The Other 48 Days from LOST and the flashback episodes of Heroes. There is something to getting a complete story and this movie is just what BSG fans needed. One as a way to get a fix of some new BSG awesomeness, and two for the plot holes that went underdeveloped during season two. The dvd version of Razor will be released after it actually comes on TV in an unrated and extended edition. I for one cannot wait to see it.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is the DC Universe Ready for Sodam Yat

He was born with the abilities of Superman and the attitude of Guy Gardener. The Guardians of the Universe have gifted him with the power of the Green Lantern. He was damn near unstoppable. Now Sodam Yat has become the next Ion: Guardian of the Universe. With all of the attention in DC leading up to the Final Crisis. The question is what influence will be made by Ion in the final crisis, and the rest of the Sinestro War for that matter. He destroyed Ranx the Sentient city in the Battle of Mogo. He faced the Anit-Monitor, who stopped his heart. Then he rose to take the ultimate power of the universe; a power rivaled only by Parallax, and now in the next Green Lantern Corps. issue he will be facing off against Superman-Prime. This is shaping up to be a slobber knocker. Lets look at the tale of the tape:

Ion: Guardian of the Universe
  • Has all of the abilities of Superman while under yellow sun's rays, including: super-strength, the power of flight, super-speed, super-breath, super-hearing, X-ray, heat, microscopic and telescopic visions, and invulnerability to any force other than a red sun, except at a much higher level. Wears a power suit modeled after that of the Anit-Monitor which collects and feeds him yellow solar energy.
Possible *Spoiler Alert* This was from a story, Tygers, Alan Moore wrote about Sodam Yat :
The Daxamite Green Lantern is named "Sodom Yat" and is also referred to as "The Ultimate Green Lantern". In that story, Sodom Yat is the last Green Lantern to confront Superman, who has just killed many Green Lanterns, Thanagarians and the Martian Manhunter. Sodom Yat then kills Superman.
It will be interesting to see how the new Green Lantern's Torchbearer will fare against Superman-Prime. I also wonder, what the future holds for Kyle Rayner, the prior Torchbearer, this cover art should be a nifty little teaser to get your mind going.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wag of the Finger: WGA Strikes...Put Me in Boss, I'll Be a Scab

Scab - noun - a worker who refuses to join a labor union or to participate in a union strike, who takes a striking worker's place on the job, or the like.

It's official, the Writers Guild of America has gone on strike. You do know what that means right? Nothing but shitty reality shows until the issue is settled. I for one am pissed. All of my shows have started their seasons and they may flounder now that the writers are on strike. I get really peeved when I don't get to watch my programs. Here's the lowdown.

That being said, I would like to just put my name out their for the producers of Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, How I Met Your Mother and a few other shows. I am willing to cross the picket line and do what needs to be done to ensure that the millions of television watchers out there get their fix. Just give me the episode's summary and I could punch up a 42 minute script for you in about four days. I would require some pizzas, Yoo Hoo, popcorn and a shit load of DVDs. Put me in a room with nothing but movies, comics and tv shows on DVD and I can make you a masterpiece.

And y0u know what, call me a scab. I don't care. I would rather be called a scab, than a greedy dick who needs more money. No offense to writers like Brian K. Vaughn, Tim Minear and Joss Whedon who could paint an epic story with their words, but I require the satisfaction of coming home from a long day of learning, sitting down in my favorite ass groove and letting television take me away from my problems for a few hours.

Quit being bitches, WGA, I'm guessing you guys like television and movies too? Well, are you okay with sitting down and watching Deal or No Deal everyday or Biggest Slut with slutty friends in formation behind her holding her hair as she pukes in the toilet because she's rich enough to only drink private reserve XO Hennessey Cognac? I highly doubt it. Hey, AMPTP (I haven't forgotten you), even though I would be willing to cross the picket line to ensure my favorite shows would be on the air, I must say if you can find some way to give these writers a few more may be looking at an uprising from loyal fans...

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Weekend Crush

My weekend crush for this week is Kaley Cuoco from CBS' new sitcom The Big Bang Theory. A show which has out shined many other new shows this season, doing consistently well after How I Met Your Mother and as a lead in to Two & A Half Men. I enjoy the show; there's something so appealing about this brand of 'nerd' humor. The idea is simple enough; two supersmart but supernerdy super-socially awkward scientists, Leonard and Sheldon, get a superhot superditzy next door neighbor named Penny. The humor comes from the polar opposites created by them...hilarity ensues on a regular basis. (How couldn't it when you're talking about String Theory and the Doppler Effect to a girl who works a The Cheesecake Factory?)
But what do you care? (You're here for the goods.) Fine...enjoy

Bloons Tower Defense & Bible Fight...Epic Time Waster

Don't start playing these if you have any important business or anything...they has wasted about 1 & 1/2 hour of my time already... without me realizing it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joss Whedon is Returning to Fox (and I'm Cleaning Out My Shorts)

Rejoice and be glad!!!! Yes it's true, true believers and brown-coats. Joss Whedon has a new show coming to perennial show canceler, FOX, called Dollhouse. Oh, and did you know the lead is Eliza Dushku? I am crying tears of joy (Eliza Dushku is incredibly gorgeous, for one)... Fox has already committed to 7 episodes. It's also being done with help from Tim Minear...for those playing the home game, he was apart of Angel, Firefly, and the doomed Fox show Drive (which I must say was canceled prematurely...but thats just me.) Don't believe it... here's the E! Online news story as proof.
If that doesn't get you hyped for what may be, I don't know what the fucks wrong with you...IT'S JOSS WHEDON! He's the fucking man! He is up there as it goes for creative talent...Kevin Smith, Quentin, Whedon. He is a god amongst us mere mortals.
I guess this is the reason why Whedon's taking his sweet time with the writing of Runaways...I can wait for a while with this news. I hope Fox listens to me as I say this...give this show a chance. Don't write it off. You wrote of Firefly, it made a shitload of money in DVD sales, then became a movie (a movie that was produced by Universal...instead of 20th Century Fox.) You obviously know what Joss and Tim are capable of; they produced two of the most watched series still in syndication and one of the biggest cult following of our time...maybe they're doing something right. I for one, cannot wait for this show...fuck 24, give me Dollhouse.

Halloween: My Blackest Day

So for Halloween I was Emo. That required a lot of thought and about an hour to execute. My inspiration came from a singer that I saw on the final episode of Viva La Bam. He had spiky hair and a strip of hair that shwooshed down a side of his face. All the while he had black eyeliner around his eyes. The latter turned out to be the easiest thing. My hair is very long and very curly. For this mission my hair required a lot of product to get the emo shwoosh. After a few liberal applications of different kinds of gel I got it close to what I saw. For the rest of my body I had black... lots of it. From my tuxedo jacket down to my Chucks with the holes the size of pencils I decked out in emo garb. Interestingly enough, everything with the exclusion of my hair care products, choker & glove, and eyeliner were found in my room: Black Shirt, Black tuxedo jacket, black chucks...Christ, I didn't realize how haggard I really am. Well, I'm guessing you want to see the final product. I made a couple quick 'emo-cocked' photos for your viewing pleasure. I also included a picture of me as a frame of reference.
Of course, I went to class and Starbucks like this, quite a good time I must say. I even rolled up in my Explorer rocking out some HIM and Coheed & Cambria. Can't be emo listening to ABBA's Dancing Queen (I always say that). The playlist I had with me in my truck contained some of the following artists:
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • HIM
  • Say Anything
  • Muse
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Frames
  • TV on the Radio
Some people recognized the premise immediately and laughed hysterically, others needed a demonstration. To facilitate this, on my arms were slashes from a red pen. Exactly, I was a cutter-emo, imagine the action figure advertisement...'comes with wrist-slashing action'. Of course that may sound offensive and that was what I was going for. Consider it a commentary of our society and how we look at people, and how we think in stereotypes. At least three people asked me if I had slashed wrists...just because I looked that way. But hey, it's all in good fun. A few people were peppered into the crowd, one person was a lumberjack, one very awkward person (Senor Awkward) was a sailor, I even saw a kid in a banana. If only I thought then to ask him to sing Banana Phone...oh well, Hey...look for me next year. My plan is to be keep your eyes and ears open, you may here the noise of thunder or see a flash of light; you'll know that the God of Thunder, son of Odin has arrived...more importantly that Odin crept into the black forest and got lost...Snoogens.

Are You Ready

I found this video on youtube and I must ask...Are You Ready? Are any of us ready?