Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Comic Dilemma

So with the announcement of a Justice League live-action movie there have been rumors swirling about who'd play of favorite superheroes. Sadly some of the names don't make me salivate with anticipation. The main issue I have is the current announcement that Tyrese gibson is in to play the Green Lantern. I for one am extremely disappointed. Tyrese isn't bad, but it makes me disappoint at the possible direction of the film. I understand the idea of gender and racial equality, because many comic book characters are white; but, I just think John Stewart Green Lantern is boring. There is so much potential for character development if they went with the BEST GREEN LANTERN EVER, Hal Jordan. He becomes evil and uses his near omnipotent power to set the Space-Time continuum to zero hour...how bad ass is that? What does John Stewart do...get paralyzed...Woo!!

Plus look at the two of them...who looks more bad ass?

1) John Stewart

2) Hal Jordan

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