Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Weekend Crush

Ok, I got inspired by Dorothy Surrenders, so I appropriated this idea from her blog, except, I'm a straight male, and she isn't. So the woman I picked for my inaugural edition is Sarah Shahi.

Here are some really interesting things to know about her..She's a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader...awesome. She has a great look and figure, being of Iranian decent. She was featured in a short-lived sit-com called Teachers (Americans attempting to repeat the success of naturally amusing British television.) She also was and possibly still is a recurring character on The L Word. Jesus, I'm surprised my lesbian muse hasn't used her yet (nothing like a little girl on girl action...I always say that, no not really.) She is currently cast on the new NBC series Life. So see Exhibits A & B. A is her, scantly clad in lingerie and quite obviously airbrushed; while B is her in detective's wears. You should check her out on the show...perfect balance to the lead, hot and hilariously sarcastic. She can arrest me anytime.

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