Sunday, October 28, 2007

Louis CK: If you like Dane Cook, you'll like Louis CK (because Dane Cook is a no-talent thief)

Dane Cook has become incredibly popular for his standup comedy routines; mostly for his surreal point of view. Wow that sounds really familiar...kinda like Louis CK. CK is a friend of Chris Rock, and co-writer of Pootie Tang and Head of State. He is known for his surreal style of comedy and a short-lived sit-com on HBO called Lucky Louie. People have started to notice a trend in Dane Cook's comedy. The above video explains it better than I can. The second video is Louis CK's response to the allegations.CK is such a nice guy about it and isn't being a big dick. But his last line is priceless in the second video. #$@! Dane Cook, he's a &$%#!

I also wanted to add this condensed video of one of Louis CK's routines which is also hilarious. Enjoy.

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