Sunday, October 28, 2007

Butler Bulldogs: The Universe is Back to Normal

So I may have jumped the gun with the whole apocalypse angle last night. I say that because I now truly say that syncronicity happens. Basically Pike football's undefeated record threw the universe off balance, and with the help of my college's terrible football skills, harmony has been restored. Our football team is Div-IIA and we do okay until we get into our own conference play. We were 4-0 going into conference play and everyone was hyped...then we went on to lose 4 games. Pike went into this weekend 10-0 and with their win against Ben Davis they improved to 11-0 thus send the universe into catastrophic turmoil. Yesterday, during family weekend, Butler lost in our last home game of the season. Now that we have a losing record, that offsets the bewildering record my high school has. I'm sorry, but I have never been big on the school spirit idea. Even when I played Rugby in high school I was only in it for an outlet for aggression. That being said, I do feel that our team's sacrifice has pleased the football gods, but they require two more sacrifices this weekend.
Today it is up to the Colts & Washington Redskins to appease the gods...The football gods require a victory from both teams. Three consecutive seasons with 6 straight wins; and playing the Carolina Panthers today which the head of steam that they have had recently, they should have no problem improving to 7-0. Washington has a more daunting task ahead. They must beat the Patriots tonight, but I have faith in them, go your Native American magic (can't say Indian magic, that they confuse people or come off racist)...and if at all possible, scalp Tom Brady and serve up Bill Belichek's head on a pike.

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