Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Awkward Moment

I have been really hesitant to mention this for about a month, but I say fuck it I'll tell it. Here's another one of PATRICK BARKER's AWKWARD MOMENTS. [Applause] This happened on the road. So I was about twenty minutes away from my parents house and got the sudden urge to fart. Now, I'm quick sure you can imagine what comes next. Lots of swears fly as I try my best to stay on the road, and keep it all in my pants (this required a fair amount of gluteous maximus strength; don't want to shart on yourself when you're driving...I always say that.)
One thing I must mention before I delve further into this possible need for therapy, I was in a very dodgy part of town, and it was past midnight. This has all the makings for a terrible horror flick - Guy gets out of the car for an emergency shotgun shit and gets decapitated by crazy knife wielding psychopath, this was not good. Luckly (or not however you envision this) I found an abandoned school by the interstate...I was looking for a burger joint and couldn't find one. This area was terribly lit and I found a place to squat and run. I know, it's awful, but hey, I defy anyone to not think of a time when they had an emergency that required them t0 keep there wits about them. I will go as far as to say that I bet even the hot girls I know have had occasions of awful liquid shits.

Speaking of Awkward Moments, Random Acts has another installment in the series of REALLY AWKWARD MOMENTS , enjoy. And, just in time for Halloween, I've also included another video of REALLY AWKWARD MOMENTS

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