Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alarm Clock Follies

So I have been having alarm clock troubles this week. I use my cellphone as my alarm clock because it's loud and aesthetically pleasing - my last alarm clock had the worst sound. It was one of those EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH alarms with the piercing noise; and as an annoying undertone, there was an eighth note beat that made it like a techno song DOOCH DOOCH DOOCH DOOCH.
Well, to remedy that I use real music ringtones one my celly. They are just annoying enough to break me out of my slumber. But recently there have been complications. Monday I programmed the alarm but didn't set it, Tuesday I set my alarm for 9pm instead of 9Am, and today my phone was on silent and I slept through it. I don't even remember putting my phone on silent...IT'S GETTING SUSPICIOUS!!!

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