Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic Dilemma Part II

The Green Lantern

There is of course the issue of which Green Lantern to go with. We have on the left Kyle Rayner, young, impetuous and headstrong and on the right Hal Jordan, older, wiser, no fear. There are two possibilities for casting of this part depending on the route the producers choose. For Kyle Rayner I would have him played by Ryan Reynolds from up above...Kyle is an artist, and also witty like the Flash...Ryan Reynolds would be a perfect choice for that role.

If the producers are going in the direction of Hal Jordan I have one choice, one that I think would be perfect. Nathan Fillion is of that age where he would be the perfect choice for Hal Jordan. For those of you who've seen Two Guys & A Girl, Firefly, Serenity, or Slither know that he is a great comedic actor. Even though Hal Jordan is a great leader and has no fear, he has a great sense of humor and Nathon Fillion would be a great choice for him in a Green Lantern movie...I'd even make it a trilogy...I'm a fanboy, I'd have Joss Whedon direct, and have the story line where Hal Jordan becomes Parallax and an awesome battle between him in Kyle Rayner...but that's just my dream. I'll finish, hopefully in the next post.

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