Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic Dilemma III

There's been a lot of talk going around that this is in the process of being made. I like the sound of a series of movies about the stories of Yorick Brown. Vertigo comics are very edgy and for mature audiences and the subject matter of Y: The Last Man is quite gruesome; all men except for one die...yeah. Brian K. Vaughn is a master storyteller, and a movie version would do well, but a television series has the potential to be good, on the level of shows like 24, Lost, and Heroes, because it is filled with plot twists and wild subplots that interweave through it.

My choice for Yorick Brown may seem strange, but I'll give an adequate explanation for the pick. My pick for Yorick Brown is James Roday. The name may not be too familiar to many people but for those of you who've seen the new series Psych on USA will know the name. Yorick Brown is a twenty-something an escape artist and amateur magician...he's good at getting out of jams. He is followed by his monkey Ampresand (&) and they are the last two male mammals on's a deep plot, but Yorick is a smart-mouthed and witty character, and James Roday could play him perfectly.

This of course is just the blogging of a comicbook fanboy, but fan boys know our comics, and know how they should be treated, with respect. I expect these ideas won't even be noticed, but hey, a fan boy can dream...

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